There are several ways to take care of yourself in these monsoon days.  These include both your health and your mind. Let’s just talk about your looks today. That is, the basic ways to take care of your looks in rainy days.


Hair Care

  • There are ways to take care of your hair this season. But you just have to be very very careful that your hair doesn’t get wet in rain. So protect your hair from getting wet as much as you can. You can wear scarfs or use umbrellas or wear raincoats for this.
  • Wash your hair often after getting home with mild shampoos and dry your hair. Don’t need to use hair dryer often.
  • If possible replace organic products with herbal products for the betterment of your health.
  • Massage oil to the scalp of your hair and massage well and shampoo after letting it stay for al least one hour.
  • Make sure you don’t get dandruff this season.


Skin Care

  • Ways to take care of your skin is very easy. Stay clean in this season and no disease can get you.
  • Use such a cleanser for your skin wash based on your skin type so that your skin stays moist all the time.
  • Heavy make-ups isn’t necessary. But if you feel needed to put on make-ups just use water-proof make-ups and clean your make-ups after you get home with a suitable cleanser.
  • Always wash your hands, face and feet after you get home to avoid germs and skin diseases.



  • Drink plenty of waters daily this season and always.
  • Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits this season and of course wash them before cooking and eating.
  • Take care of your food habit this season to avoid getting victim to food digestion problems.
  • Avoid taking any liquids outside including water from any outside source this season since this is the season of water-borne diseases.

So, this is all. Let’s not make things complicated and lengthy. Just follow the above ways to take care of your health. Stay and look cool in this season!