Holy month of Ramadan is going on. At this time please try to avoid the typical oily iftar snacks. Have some healthier snacks instead. Be smarter about food this time. You will get healthier too.


Make delicious and healthy snacks like club sandwiches at home with just a little sources. Use meat, salad ingredients and less spices like mayo, black pepper, green chilies to make sandwiches.


Burgers and hotdogs

Make healthy burgers and hotdogs at home using home-made buns and meat loafs with mayo and black pepper and salt.


You can make healthy green salads at your home. You can use green vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, beats, chilies, papaya, etc. Or you can also make fruit salad with different kinds of fruits.

Fruit chaat

Make healthy fruit chaat as snacks at home with different kinds of chopped fruits and low spices like cumin powder, black pepper, salt etc.

Cakes and puddings

Make fruit or other types of cakes with flour. Make delicious puddings with eggs and have with your family and friends.

healthy pizza recipe


Make healthy and delicious vegetable or chicken/ fish meat pizzas at home.


Avoid oily foods and eat home-made healthier chicken, mushroom, vegetable or tomato soups.


You can make and have different fruit or vegetable juices. Add spices like cumin powder, rock salt, black pepper etc. to make the juice tastier.


Have Balanced Diet

Have an egg. Boiled or poached however you want. Or you can also make any dish made of egg. And have a glass of milk. This will give you so much energy.

So that’s all. Have a peaceful and pure and healthy Holy Ramadan everyone!