You might have always wanted to grow when you were young and wanted the reverse later on. This happens to mostly every one of us. We want to grow up first and then we miss our earlier life. It’s because, as we grow our responsibility grows.


It’s not hard to understand, that as you keep growing, expectations from you grow. It’s like, as you grow up, the world around you consider that your capability is growing with you. Now this capability may vary from person to person. May be you can call this, maturity.


You heard of reliability, right? A person’s capability can be measured by his/her reliability. This means, how much the person can be relied upon. This can be how much the person can do, how much the person cares, how much the person works etc.


So, if you think that you should really grow then also start taking responsibility on your shoulder. It may feel heavy at the beginning, but with time you will see that you are actually growing. Avoiding your responsibilities or not even trying to understand them or staying in a fear of responsibilities or waiting for someone to transfer you the things you have to do means nothing but irresponsibility.


Responsibility will help you to learn more, think more, do more and these will automatically keep you growing.


Okay, before finishing, let me tell you, along with becoming a reliable person also look for if you are getting used, like, people are trying to make you work for them as they knew that if they don’t do this, you will do, for the sake of larger good. Remember, there’s no good in letting other people stay unaware of their own responsibilities.