We all live in a home of our own choice. But sometimes we just don’t get the home like we want. We just have to live in a home we are compelled to live. And that’s because of mainly financial problem, accommodation problem, or shortage of time for buying or renting to a perfect home of our choice. So in case we get to live in a small home or small roomed flat we need to take care of some important facts. Like, decorating the home such a way that it seems comparatively large and open and also beautiful. And doing that is not so easy. There are few ways to decorate a small home to make it open aired and look large.


Create separate areas

Create individual spaces for doing different things in your rooms of your home. Like eating in one place, sleeping in a particular area. Make a separate relaxing area etc.

Use flexible things

Use separate flexible things like folding chairs, collapsible beds, folding tables etc. These would save much space.

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Keep the counts

Use things as if you can keep your count on it and also the space, like, use two small round tables in the drawing area instead of one big square table. This will not only enlarge space but will also look soothing to the eye.


Choose a soothing color

Choose a silky soothing but eye catching color for the wall of your rooms.  It will not only comfort your eyes but will also make your home look large and beautiful.


Make it appear large

Make things like windows or your wardrobe look large like using long curtains or choosing an eye-catching bright color for the furniture.


Make it transparent

Make your walls and window or door glasses transparent to make the room light and look open and airy.


Save space

If possible while building your home try to make wall-cabinets or other wall furniture to save space. Your home will look so much bigger for that.

So this is all. Hope you will get pleased and benefitted by this article of small home decorating. Good luck!