We were asked what we wanted to be, but how many of us were asked that what we loved to do?


Well, living with passion is actually a life alive to me. I believe in a passionate life. A life without passion is not a life to me.


The system we go through confuses us about our passion. Sometimes it fails to confuse us, but we just have to let our passion go away to survive in the harsh reality.


What passion means?

From the dictionary, passion means "strong and barely controllable emotion." Simply, passion is what you like to do most and just can't get rid of it, no matter how much and how long you try.


Passion doesn't have to be your living!

Yes, it is. It was never meant to be like you have to be making money on your passion. It is really nice and congratulations to you if your profession is your passion, like me , but there is nothing to be worried about if it's not for you. For example, singing can be a profession of someone who is actually passionate about dancing. Tennis can be the passion of a cricketer. Playing guitar can be a passion of a bus driver. Passion is completely different. It always should be that people have their passion as their profession, but just don't lose your passion if it is not for you. Just care your passion everyday, as much as possible.


How do I know my passion?

Well, I will be writing a separate post on this topic later and would also like to invite you to share how you found your passion if you have. But in a short form of the discussion, to find your passion, ask yourself that


1. What is the thing you do even when you were engage in something more serious?

2. What is the thing that engages you even when you just wanted to stay relaxed and do nothing?

3. What is the topic you like to discuss most?


For example, as a computer programmer, I always get engaged in discussions of problems to be solved, no matter in how bad or good situation I was. I just love to discuss, write code, solve problem, studying algorithms. Now, this doesn't mean I continue with each and every problem that appears, but most of it. As because I know my limits. But again, that is what pull me in.


When sitting idle in front of the PC I like to read technology books online, watching tutorials to learn new Technics etc. These never ever bored me. Is it hard to trust me? Then ask yourself,


What is the thing that never bored you, no matter how long you were doing that?


I can't find my passion anyway.

Well, it can obviously be. Researcher says that in many cases people has been doing what he like to do most in a subconscious level. They don't even care about what they are doing. Some people also go through mental stresses or other issues that always keep them sad, frustrated which ultimately lead them to think that everything is boring, meaningless etc. But if you are reading this, try to find and live with your passion. And trust me, if you have once found your passion, you will see, that nothing will be able to pull you back from working on your passion.


Why has to be mad about passion?

Sometimes we have to use our heart to take the decision. In case of love, for example. Reasoning in case of love is not expected. The true lovers can never explain why they even love their partner, they just fell into it. You can easily call them mad. As because a rational decision can not be like, traveling hundreds & hundreds of miles with just a few dollars in your pockets. Its obviously risky, painful mad decision. But people do this. You have to be mad at your passion also. Nothing should pull you back. This theory of madness (!) is, I think, also applicable for anything you want to be succeeded at. 




Anyway, thanks for reading and don't forget to share your passion in the comments.