You, me and everyone else born the same way, as kids, right? our parents or guardians, in a word, bigger people took care of us, taught us, showed us and we kept growing, learning, seeing etc.


But at a certain point of our lives, we start walking alone, we start to do things we learnt before.


But the most important thing is, at a certain point, we need to start LEARNING OURSELVES.


In my last post, which is "Live with passion" I talked about finding your passion for life. Today I would like to tell you that you should also find ways so that you can meet your passion..


Yes, it's important. When we were kids, elderly people did what they were supposed to. When you were learning to ride a bicycle, you didn't even know when the man took his hands off your ride, so that you can start to go ahead yourself. 


You were trained how you can gain control over the bicycle, but you were not trained about every situation you will fall in while riding it. You start to face the problems. Sometimes you learnt the lessons from your own mistakes and sometimes from other people's mistakes. 


The world that surrounds us is helpful and kind and full of resources to explore. We are exploring it for multiple thousands of years and still searching and finding new things. Never expect that you will learn everything and then you will go outside and play. Rather, you will learn some basics and will go out to explore, face and solve problems.


At a certain moment, you just have to find your wings, get set and fly higher.


Yes, a small plant can save itself from burning sun light, rough rain etc. by using the shelter given by a very big tree. But unfortunately, that small plant can never become like the bigger tree unless it goes out of the shelter of the tree. Light, rain etc. are odds, but these are required for the plant to grow.


Finally, what my today's focus is, try to face the problems yourself those you used to bypass to someone under whose shelter you are now. Instead of just being a FRIGHTENED BOY, become a man and live a man's life. I am saying all these just to inspire you. I am saying all these so that if you feel like you can start to fight alone, then do it, the man will remain with you for a few more times, take shelter whenever you are tired, but don't just keep finding shelter all through your life. Don't make it a habit to seek a SAFE-HOUSE.


Become the Eagle of the sky and fly higher over the clouds.