Now a day's, most people from teenager to middle age are buying smartphones which includes good quality cameras. As the social networking websites like facebook, twitter etc. grew and we became used to it, the use of photo have increased a lot. People now shoot almost anything they do all day around.


But some of us don't just want to shoot a photo, we want to to shoot it well. May be we can't afford a DSLR but we want to keep enjoying our love for photography with the mobile camera that we have. The following tips are for those. More tips will be added with detail instructions in the next part of this series. 


1. Carefully Clean The Lens: 

     A clean camera lens is a must for a clean photo. When we hold the phone, we leave our fingerprints on the lens of the camera at back. So to get started with mobile photography, first we should clean our mobile camera lens. Clean it with soft, clean piece of cloth and if you see dust inside the frame your mobile phone, then open it and clean from inside also.


2. Work with focus:

     Now with mostly every camera app in your smartphone, you can control the focus. Though sometimes it doesn't work, but it works most of the time. Focus will give your viewers a pin-point direction on what to see in the photo. Mobile Photography


3. Get close to the object:

     While shooting photo of a product or small thing, get close to the object as much as possible. This will make it better unless you have a different idea in mind.




4. Do not zoom:

     With virtual zoom of your mobile camera you will never be satisfied. So it is suggested that you never zoom, rather you can crop the image later to keep the only thing you wanted.


5. Keep the camera steady:

     Mobile camera will not work like a cybershot camera, it takes time to capture the image. So don't shake your hand or move camera to something else right after clicking. Instead, wait until it says that the photo has been saved.


6. Shoot more than one photo:

     Try to shoot more than one photo, this will ensure that one of the photos will look better. After all, who don't want some options to choose from, right? So try to shoot 3-4 shots of a single view, so that you can later find the best one.


7. Shoot from different angle:

     If you are not in a hurry or things are not happening very fast, try to shoot one view from several angles. At the end of the day, you can find the best one comparing all of them.


8. Ignore camera app filters:

     From my experience I found that it is better to edit the photo later in computer with photo editing software is better than using a built-in mobile camera app filter while shooting the photo. May be because, photo editing software in computer can perform well than mobile camera apps on your mobile.


9. Try to learn about photography terms:

     Terms like exposure, ISO etc. plays important role in photography. Try to study these terms online and experiment with them. This will open new doors for your mobile photography fantasy.


10. Experiment, Experiment & Experiment:

     There's nothing better than experimenting yourself. So don't wait, turn on your mobile camera and start shooting things around you. Play with your tools of your favorite camera app. 


I was in a hurry while writing post, I will surely come up with the next part very soon.


Let me know your experiences with mobile photography in the comments.