So what is love? Well, caring sharing friendship understanding blah blah blah.....lots of things people will say, I know. But but but….Are you really happy with your love? Have you ever felt alone? Hmm..Now, why am I asking all these?

Well, you will see.

Serve yourself!

There come times in life when you will find that you feel like you are getting away from your loved ones. Whether it is making you happy or not you are not being able to live your life the way you want to. You know what is the reason behind it? It just might be that because of the crowd of people in your life you find yourself getting cornered which is certainly not making you happy. Maybe you are not getting the fact yet but gradually you will find yourself depressed although you are expressing love towards your loved ones or meeting your responsibilities towards them.

An easy solution to this problem is just that make some time for yourself too. Serve yourself, do what you love to do for yourself, spend some time alone and you will feel much better. It is necessary to take care of oneself since if you are not happy then how would you make the world the same?

DO NOT make wrong definition of ‘love’

Often youngsters are found taking away their own lives because of love, which is not a good sign. This certainly does not prove anything. Whatever the reason may be, if you really want to prove your love for your loved ones at first prove it by the love you have for your parents after all they are the first one who come as your lover in your life, have brought you up, have made you the person you are today. You cannot take away your life just like that for the sake of your so-called love which gave you nothing but just pain and sorrow. Rather prove your love for your parents as they have been loving you since you were young. Show the world that breaking a relation does affect you, but it affects you in a good way. You grow much stronger and lively after everything you get from your relation. Learn from it instead of regretting at it.




Live and Love!

It is quite fascinating in our culture where there is the tradition of leaving one’s own house for the in-law’s house. Adapting to the environment and everything of one family leaving or moving from her own. Girls here have to share their piece of heart too. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged it is love that makes the whole thing so easy. Adapting to a completely stranger family will never be possible if the girl doesn’t have love in her heart towards her in-law’s family.


So this is it! Hope you have found it a pleasant writing. Cherish every moments of your life, do live your life and love yourself and others!