Millions or may be billions of websites and pages of those websites are out there. To make mark of your own website or to get recognized by the search engine, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a must. SEO techniques includes a lot, but I will be starting this series post with only 5 best SEO practices.


1. Title of the Content: Title of a content is very important for SEO optimization. The title is also important as because this is what readers read before reading your full content. This has to be attractive and interest grower. Using questions in title, numbers before title helps getting attraction. Learn more about content title here.


2. Keywords: One of the best practices for SEO is to find and use relative keywords accordingly throughout the content. You can researching for keywords using different tools that I will discuss later and use them wisely in your content.


3. Meta Tags: Meta tags are like short introductory of a web page. Best SEO practices includes the use of meta tags for each page uniquely. Meta keywords and Meta description both are important. You should keep your chosen keywords in the meta description.


4. Inter-Linking your contents: Another best practices for SEO is inter-linking similar type of contents. For example you wrote about 5 different cars in 5 different posts. Then you wrote summery post where mention all 5 of them. Link those 5 posts from that summery post. This helps search engines to find relative contents. And also help your reader read more content and stay more time on your site.


5. Keep the content unique: Content is king. Better content, better readers. Remember, google (even other SE) can easily track down duplicate contents. Yes, obviously you need to learn more about topics that you are about to write, but just don't copy them blindly. Instead gather information and write your own ideas.


Thanks for reading. I will be releasing the next 5 tips very soon.


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