New to SEO, some people often asks that if domain and hosting matters in case of SEO or Search Engine Optimization? The simple answer NO, but that’s not to say that Domain and Hosting is unimportant.


Hosting: Location matters. Search engines track website’s location and whenever someone is searching for something, search engines try to server results which are from the area of the user. If you are from nation A and you are
buying a hosting service from nation B, then the crawlers will find contradictory locations of property and owner. Now the problem will be that the crawler will hesitate to decide if the website’s contents are from nation A related or nation B related and ultimately will rank down your site.


Domain: We all know about goodwill, right? Goodwill can’t be received overnight. Search engines like to see older domains, that is, a domain is old enough and still getting updated content. A new website must grow with content and age, both
in parallel. You make a site and then pushed 100s of contents overnight, this will not suffice. Instead of that, write contents every day or in a measured delay and let crawler see that your site growing with time and content. This will bring trust.




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