Alright, welcome to this 3rd post on Best SEO Practices. Writing attractive post titles are very helpful for getting visitors to your blog from search results, social sites etc. Attractive post titles not very hard to write. Lets look at some of the tips below.


1. Use numbers at the beginning: Using a number at the beginning of the title catch eyes of readers very fast. Consider that you are writing about completing a task. Now if the reader can see the number of steps involved in your solution, they will be more interested in reading about them. For example:


Not Suggested: Steps to clean old wooden furniture?

Suggested: 3 easy steps to clean old wooden furniture.


2. Make it a question: A lot of time users search with the exact questions they have in mind. For example: why the sky is blue? You can use that question as your post title.


Not Suggested: The reason behind sky being blue.

Suggested: Why the sky is blue?


3. Make it promising: Instead of just writing a title, add a promise with it.


Suggested: 3 steps to PROPERLY do that.

Suggested: Clever SOLUTION to fix ink pens.


4. Make it readable at a glance: Users today keep very short time in hand while they are surfing the net. Confused ! well, they do spend a lot of time, but keep very short time for each thing they do. So you won't get a lot of time to tell them what your post is all about. So try to keep the title clean, short and to-the-point


Not Suggested: My travel story | Traveling London and things that you must do at London

Suggested: 10 things you must do at London.


5. Make it KEYWORD rich: Finally, always do keyword research before writing the post, even the title of the post. This is really necessary for you to have your most ranked keywords to be there in your post title. Consider that you are writing a post on saving tigers.


Not Suggested: Tigers are fading away, we must stop it.

Suggested: Save Tigers before they fade away.




This is so far. Thanks for reading, I will be editing the next part.


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