Father’s day of this year is really close. Don’t forget to surprise your father on this Father’s day. Yes, I know lots of people will deny to observe this day for the sake of religion or other issues. Yes we all love our father and we don’t hesitate to show that throughout our whole life. But there should be no problem in celebrating a special day specially for a person. Lets just not get serious about the celebration of a single day and have fun instead.

So you can celebrate this day in various ways. Let me help you in this.



You can gift your father various things in various ways but remember that the gift should please your father and make sure it comes handy.  There is no point of showing off by buying expensive gifts that will come of no use to your father.


                Buy cards with beautiful and meaningful quotes for your father.


                You can gift colorful flowers to your father.

                Clothing and footwear

                You can gift beautiful clothing or footwear to your father of different famous brands which might be expensive like CATS EYE, ECSTASY, RAYMOND etc. or you can buy clothes at reasonable price from any local markets. You can gift your father Punjabis, shirts, fatuas etc. anything of your choice and your father’s taste.


                You can gift your father different beautiful showpieces or gadgets if you like at reasonable price or at an expensive rate from any shops or markets. Search through the shops and you will find anything.


You can buy gifts for your father or plan a hangout with him. You can hangout inside your city or outside anywhere. You can also have lunch or dinner outside with your father or your whole family. That would be a nice gift to your father. You can also pack dinner or lunch for your father to your home.

Parties or others

You can give a surprise party at your home or also enjoy any party or other sort of occasions outside with your father. That would make the day memorable to him. Just check through newspapers to find out occasions to visit with your father.


So that’s it. Whatever you do to make this father’s day special for your father just don’t forget that all you are doing is for your father so, think about your father’s choice first. What he likes to do, what his favorite things are etc. Otherwise whatever you do won’t be enough to celebrate the day. Good luck!