Most of the time we get confused on occasions, like marriages, birthdays, anniversaries etc. about the one and only thing which is ‘What should be the gift?’ Here today I will be writing 5 short tips on the gifts to give people on occasions…

For whom?

Basically, the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that who am giving the gift? Like, is he or she a friend…the age…the sex….the personality and the last but not the least, the choice of that particular person.

What for?

Secondly, the question is what is the occasion? A birthday? An anniversary? Basically marriage or anniversary gifts don’t really suit the occasion of birthdays, as an example, for a birthday you can simply gift a birthday cake but not for the marriages. Besides, the gift for a single person doesn’t really match the occasion of a couple, which is marriage anniversaries and so on.


The Trend

Thirdly, there comes a question about what’s on the trend? Really, what’s going on around you? What’s going on at today’s fashion? Or food trends? Or reading trends? All these various trends vary the choice of the gift lot.

The Needs

Then, there may come the need of that person. If he or she is related to you any way, then it won’t be that tough to find out about that person’s needs. What is he really in need of? Such as, the person might be needing a camera. Then instead of gifting him books buying him a reasonable camera will simply make his day!


Your choice

And LASTLY, do not forget yourself. If you can’t get to decide what to gift then simply gifting something you love will not only show your affection but will also make you satisfied with yourself. Make something by yourself  like cards and crafts or food etc. or just buy something of your own choice, that you feel the person will love. That’s all that matters, right?