Who doesn’t love having some eye soothing greenery sightseeing and making the visit to city of such fantastic hill view?

Well, talking about me? Can’t just avoid it!

And who are there to join me and make the visit?.............so………. Get ready everyone!!!
The place I am going to talk about today is named Bandarban, situated in Bangladesh. This district has some solid tallest peaks of the country. The highest hill, named Tahjindong which is about 1280 meters high is situated here. But the list goes long since the place is filled with lots of great sight sceneries.


The city of Bandarban, an area of, a 4,479 km² width is located at the Chittagong Hill Tract areas of Bangladesh and is called the most remote and the least populated area of the country.

Destination:: Bandarban

The basic way to make the visit to the city of Bandarban is by road. You can take bus from Dhaka or from Chittagong or may be from Cox’s Bazar. Whether you take bus or car, the hassle doesn’t matter much because of the thrilling journey on the road.

Accommodation Facilities

There are several hotels and resorts situated at the city and near the hill tract areas and of course within budget. But it’s better to visit in the off-peak season.

Eat here

There are restaurants and hotels available to eat that may cover your budget. Just make the visit, roam around a little and find the suitable one and enjoy!

Places to be around


Nil Giri and Thanchi

Nilgiri is one of the tallest peaks and beautiful place in Bangladesh and lies some 46 km from the town. There is beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintain by the Bangladesh Army. Booking to be done through army officer. There are three well furnished cottages ranging from Tk.4000-7000. There are also three tents having 4 beds each at 2000 per tent. Foreign tourist will be restricted there. There is a restaurant and helipad too.

Cruise on River Sangu

 One highly admired activity here is a boat trip in a sampan or a regular boat down the River Sangu. The trip can vary from a 1-hour trip, including a stop-over to take tea, to a whole day cruise including stop-overs to have food. You will find people working on river with bamboos.

Hiking and Trekking

Want to make lots of adventures and more adventures? This is the place you are looking for! Hiking and trekking can be an awesome experience in Bandarban. This place of the city of Bandarban has so many hills to make the visit that the adventure knows no bounds. Mainly the hills are the perfect place to enjoy the hiking and also the trekking. This hiking and trekking not only entertains you but also bring refreshments to life. But before planning fopr the visit to Bandarban for the purpose of hiking and trekking make some real research and contacts with the local people and tourist guides.


Boga Lake

This is one beautiful lake surrounded by high hills and a small village just beside the lake. It is also known as Bagakain Lake or Baga Lake. Boga Lake is 18 kilometer away from Ruma Sadar Upozilla in Bandarban. The area of this lake is about 15 acres. It is about 3000 feet above sea level. The color of water of this lake is blue and very nice. There are many mythological stories behind the creation of this lake. Small tribe community like Bawm, Khumi have localities besides the Boga Lake. In the rainy season, it is quite difficult to stroll beside the Boga Lake. The road from Ruma to Boga Lake is still under construction. You will definitely be amazed looking at the big rocks lying in and out of the Boga Lake. You can have a camp fire beside the lake that will be unbelievable and mind-blowing memory in your life.

Chimbuk Hill and Tribal Villages

Chimbuk is one of the tallest hill in  the city of Bangladesh and lies some 14 km from the town. Bawm villages around Chimbuk and Mru villages a little further off are also lie within a day's journey from the town.




 Swarna Mandir

    The largest Buddhist temple in  Bangladesh, located in Balaghata,  4  km from the town, is one  excellent place to visit locally  known as 'Swarna  Mandir'. This  Theravada Buddhist  temple. Set  atop a 60 meter hill, is  made  completely in the style of South-   East Asia and houses a sacred relic      and the second largest statue of  Buddha in Bangladesh.


Raj Vihar and Ujanipara Vihar

The numerous Buddhist temples, known as kyang in local tongue and vihars in the town include the highly notable the Rajvihar (royal Monastery) at Jadipara. The monastery at Ujanipara, known as Ujanipara Vihar, is also a major place of interest.

 Shoilo Propat

Shoilo Propat, Meghla and Nilachal

The waterfall named Shoilo Propat at Milanchari, 4 km from the town on the road to Thanchi, is also excellent site maintained by Bangladesh Parjatan, the national tourism promotion corporation. From 4 km from there at Keranihat, there is a mini-safari-park, a zoo, and a hanging bridge. There is also a Nilachal tourist site near Meghla, in Tigerpara.

It might not be enough about a place to visit but what’s the point of explaining everything in words if you don’t experience it by yourself? So guys…..why wait? Make plans and get yourself the opportunity of having the best trip of the world. Enjoy!