Bangladesh is a country full of natural beauty and a big portion of it lies in the hill tracts of Chittagong, the largest sea-port of the country. Rangamati is a city included in that hill-tract area, about 77 km road from Chittagong. It is also connected by waterway from Kaptai.


It is best to travel Rangamati in monsoon. Because in this season the river Karnafully gets full in its quantity of water and the nature also becomes greener and more beautiful. There are also chances of seeing water-falls in different hills while travelling by boats or speedboats in the river Karnafully.


The journey on road

To travel to Rangamati you have to go to Chittagong first. Then you can take bus or have a car ride to Rangamati. The expense depends. But it is not that costly at all.


Accomodation and eating facilities

There are several hotels in Rangamati including Parjatan Hotel. You can stay either in the hotels and rest houses or in the Parjatan Hotel. There are also various restaurants at the side hills including the restaurant of the Parjatan Complex. You can enjoy eating at the Parjatan Hotel Restaurant or visit the hill tract restaurants while travelling by boats.


Many shops are there containing goods like clothes, shoes, accessories or even antique showpieces made by the tribal people. These are the main things to buy here for the tourists. And also there are other necessary utensils to buy.



Main attraction

The famous hanging bridge is the main attraction of Rangamati. There are also parks for the children and teenagers, the tribal villages, The Majar of Abdul Hakim Fakir,The temples of Ban Vihara, and Rajbari of a Chakma Raja of ancient times to visit. There also the jumlands and Buddhist temples at the hills, have to travel through boat to visit those.


The peaceful river journey

The journey by boat is the thing that actually takes all the credit of attractions of Rangamati. When you travel by boat through the river and the Kaptai lake, the peaceful sailing and the beautiful greenery of the sceneries not only will please the eye but will also fill your whole heart with joy.

So this is it. Why waiting? Hurry up, make plans and do visit and enjoy the greeneries of natures. You might not get time later.